Sustainability and Quality

Sustainability Commitment

The commitment to sustainability at Inno goes beyond its business activities.

We have a unique chance to drive our customers’ environmental responsibility by focusing on developing and delivering sustainable batteries and power systems.

Our circular economy model supports sustainability and guarantees that the environmental impacts of our products are considered throughout their entire lifecycle.

Assuming responsibility that extends beyond our operations is also important to us. In our Code of Conduct, we, therefore, require that our suppliers act sustainably. 

It is time to act, and Inno is paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Batteries and Power Systems

  • Sustainability is linked to every step of a battery solution’s lifecycle, from defining requirements to designing, manufacturing, servicing, and recycling the battery.
  • Chemistry and technical solutions chosen for a battery solution are also part of sustainability.
  • Our long-lasting battery solutions are designed to withstand harsh environmental circumstances, extending their initial life.
  • When a battery solution’s first life expires, we assist our clients in locating second-life applications.
  • Recycling is a critical component of the circular economy model, and we ensure that it is carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations.