Battery components

We are professional in batteries, therefore we are specialized in battery components sourcing. We offer services for below components design and supply.

  • PCM / BMS
    • PCM (Protection Circuit Module) is widely applied in rechargeable Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer and LiFePO4 batteries.PCM function is as safety devices during charging and discharging. BMS is higher level PCM, which is safety control and management system to monitor battery status in order to make battery better working and lengthen battery life time objectively
  • Cell holder
    • Cell holder is used in large battery packs or battery modules to protection cells from shaking and collision. We offer cell holders for different size of cylindrical cells such as 18650 and 21700.
  • PVC
    • We offer heat shrink sleeves with difference size, thickness and colors.
  • Fishpaper
    • Fishpaper is used on battery packs for insulation at positive and negative size. We supply standard and customized fishpaper with variety of shapes and dimensions.
  • Cables
    • We offer cables + connectors with difference specification and brands.
  • Plastic parts
    • Besides plastic casings, we also offer tooling/molding service for customized plastic parts as well as fast prototypes made by CNC/SLA or 3D printing.
  • Metal parts
    • Besides standard metal parts, we also offer tooling/molding service for customized metal parts.

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