High-Performance Battery and Power Solutions for the Telecom Sector

At Inno, we provide high-performance and reliable battery and power solutions for the telecom sector. In today’s world, where everyone is connected 24/7, telecom networks are critical for the smooth functioning of modern society. Our customers need batteries and power solutions they can depend on, even in extreme conditions.

Broad Range of Telecom batteries, Power Systems and Global Services

Telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. At Inno, we provide a broad range of power systems and global services to telecom operators, network manufacturers, and integrators. We work closely with world-leading telecom battery and power system manufacturers to constantly innovate and improve our products.

Rectifiers, inverters and batteries

The essential parts of a telecom power system are rectifiers, inverters, and batteries. In direct current (DC) power systems, a rectifier converts alternating current (AC) to DC and provides the power necessary to charge batteries. Whereas in AC power systems, an inverter converts DC into uninterruptible AC.
Inno offers a comprehensive selection of Premium Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion Network Power Batteries that provide top-notch performance, long life, high energy density, ease of installation, and trouble-free operation for a wide variety of telecom applications. Some of our batteries are specially designed for dependable backup power and are well-suited to meet the high-rate power demands of the most demanding UPS applications.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Specific Requirements

At Inno, we have a range of battery and power supply solutions that are designed to meet the specific requirements of the telecom sector. Our products are built to withstand harsh environments and are rigorously tested to ensure high performance and reliability. If you’re looking for the best possible telecom backup solution, we invite you to contact us today. With Inno, you can be confident that you have a partner that is committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your telecom network.