Battery periphery

We provide battery related products as but not limited to below:

  • Motor controller
    • We offer motor controllers which are mainly used on pumps, lifting platform, EC fans, textile machinery, conveyor belt etc. with voltage from 24V to 380V.
  • Electrical motors
    • We are typically able to bring you standard or customized motors and power transmissions with different size and voltage. Our motors are mainly applicable to industrial applications, as well as marine and wind turbines etc.
  • Chargers
    • Lithium battery requires different charging mode compared with other rechargeable batteries, whose charging mode must be starting from constant current charging and converting into constant voltage charging at 4.2V (CC-CV). Therefore, lithium battery must be assembled with compatible charger. High efficiency and lightweight lithium charger is its trend. We are capable of designing various of smart lithium battery chargers according to customer’s requirements.
  • Flashlights
    • We offer different kinds of multi-functional flashlights such as solar flashlight, dynamo flashlight, bike flashlight, camping light, radio flashlight etc. 

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