Patent Kopio Inno

We have recently been granted yet another patent. This time for a lithium battery dual protection circuit. This exciting development represents a significant step forward for Inno, enabling us to further establish ourselves as a high-tech player in the battery industry.

As the world becomes more electrified, relentless innovation is necessary for the battery industry. Inno sees innovation and the related IPRs as an essential part of its work towards a more sustainable, electrified economy. In this article, we are happy to tell you about the latest patent we have acquired as a result of our product development.

Our new patented solution prevents second protection circuit failure in extreme cases, which has been an apparent challenge with the existing technology. In addition, the patented solution provides comprehensive protection for lithium batteries enhancing safety and reliability.

With a dual IC and dual MOS approach, the new circuit provides double protection to the battery cells, even in the event of a failure in the primary circuit. The patented solution overcomes the challenges of the existing technologies where there can be issues with double voltage protection, fuse selection, high voltages and -currents and overcharge protection.

Overall, the patent demonstrates our commitment to advancing state-of-the-art battery technology and ensuring the safety and reliability of its products. In addition, it represents an exciting development for Inno and its customers with new possibilities in lithium battery production.